12 Channel Mixmaster hook up on 6cyl DIS

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12 Channel Mixmaster hook up on 6cyl DIS

Post by Guest » Mon Mar 16, 2009 10:12 pm

I am looking for a diagram or lead connection chart to connect the 12 Channel signal mixer to a V-6 engine with DIS and to the scope. I can't find anything on the site. My questions are specifically about the B and overscore B switch and the A and A+B switch. What positions do these go in?

Also the leads for the scope input, I have trigger out, A/A+B out and B out. how do these get connected to the Channel A and B on the scope.


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Post by Autonerdz » Tue Mar 17, 2009 4:04 pm

Here is a link to the Mixmaster manual:


Place the negative fired cylinders on one bank of the Mixmaster and the positively fired ones on the other bank.

The position of the A/A+B switch depends on how you want to view the signals. The A position splits the ignition output between the A and B outputs of the Mixmaster. The A+B position outputs both banks on A.

The B/over-score B switch inverts the B bank in the over-score B position. You can also accomplish this with PicoScope by choosing the appropriate custom probe if you split banks. You will need to use this switch if outputting all on A so they can all be oriented the same.

The A/A+B out can go to channel A on the scope and B out to channel B. You can then use ch C for trigger out. It will output the signal for the cylinder placed in the Bank A #1 position.

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