Questions about using DDE with Excel

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Questions about using DDE with Excel

Post by erkme73 » Tue Aug 26, 2003 2:30 pm

I am currently montioring pressure changes (via ADC-11 & Picolog). I have tried the =PLW|current|value command in Excel, and it DOES work.

However, I would like to have a cell within Excel that does a real time calculation to determine the rate of change.

For example, the current cell (A1) changes every second. I'd like a neighboring cell (B1) to be able to take the current A1 value and subtract it from the previous A1 value - thus giving me a real-time, per second rate of increase/decrease.

Is there anyway to perform this using Excel? I know I can do it from a saved table, but that's not real time. Any suggestions would be very much welcome!!

Another question relating to DDE - is it possible to specify which channel is the "current" value? I have three channels, and would like all three in the Excel sheet. Can this be done as well.



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Post by markspencer » Wed Aug 27, 2003 7:25 am


I am unable to answer the question pertaining to calculations in real time, I would suggest getting a good book on excel, or looking at microsofts website. Alternatively, may be someone else on the forum could explain how to do this.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to specify the channel using DDE. To do this you would need to write a macro (VBA). We provide a simple example on how to do this, and it also may make the above (real time calculation) easier as well.

Best regards,

Mark Spencer

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