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Postby red » Mon Aug 25, 2003 11:30 am

My voltage is 10v, so I have used a divider of 27k and 82k to bring the voltage down to 2.5 v.
The adc is still hitting 2.5 v.
I have check the output voltage of the equipment, and it is still within the 10v. ( 4.5 on one channel and 6.6 on the second).

Do I have to lower the resistance, ie 8.2k and 2.7k or lower?

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Postby markspencer » Tue Aug 26, 2003 8:20 am

Hi Red,

If you have made your potential divider correctly, with the resistors you have specified then the voltage out should be approx 2.4 volts when the ouput from your sensor is at 10 volts. Unfortunately, I am unable to assist further in the design of your potential divider.

To test the ADC11/12 is connected to the PC correctly, place a 1.5 volt battery across the input and see what the ADC11/12 is reading.

Best regards,

Mark Spencer
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