Is ADC-100 the best choice?

Which product is right for your exact requirements
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Is ADC-100 the best choice?

Post by sontg72 » Wed Aug 20, 2003 9:00 am

Hi there!

I would like to log on 2 channels a voltage of -2.5V ... 2.5V with a sampling rate of 10Hz ... 50Hz.

It seems the ADC-16 is suitable for the voltage and I read in a reseller-catalogue - in the 8Bit mode a sampling rate of 200Hz is possible.

I would use the supplied LabVIEW-driver instead of PicoLog software.

So I ordered the ADC-16 but it seems, the LabVIEW-driver supports only 1.5Hz ... 2Hz.

The ADC-11 has a higher sampling rate but only a range from 0 ... 2.5V so that the ADC-100 may be too universal but the best choice for me...

Is the ADC-100 together with the supplied LabVIEW-driver able to do that job?


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Post by markspencer » Wed Aug 20, 2003 9:49 am


The ADC-16 can only have its resolution droped to 13 bits on a windows operating system. To get the 8 bit it would have to be run in DOS.

The ADC-100, would be most capable of doing this application for you. The ADC-100, does not come with a single Labview function, but Labview can be used with our .dll file by importing the functions. There are examples available demonstrating how to use the functions to retrieve data. I would recommend that you download these, to give you a good understanding of the functions and the sequence that they are called.

I would also recommend that you look at the C program, as this gives and explanation of all the functions that are available.

The help manual gives pseudo code determining the order to call the functions.

Best regards,

Mark Spencer

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