fast streaming mode for PS2205 (ps2000 dll vi msps)

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fast streaming mode for PS2205 (ps2000 dll vi msps)

Post by mmk » Thu Nov 20, 2008 1:44 am

I bought my PS2205 for a particular kind of measurement: I have to capture a signal on a single channel in "fast streaming mode" over some 10..20 minutes with 1 Msps (or even faster, limited by HW performance only).
The resulted 1GB+ data will be then analyzed in post-processing manner.

The "" file contains some VI examples, but they fail to open under my LV7.1, e.g.: "The file is not a VI. Select another?".

I found in this forum some other (functioning!) examples, how to control the ps2k series. Unfortunately none of them uses the fast streaming mode via ps2000.dll.

Has anybody written already such VI?
I read in "ps2000pg-en.pdf", this had to be accomplished by a callback function, but I have no idea, how could I implement it in LV without an additional DLL.

Can You help me please?
- mmk
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Post by Robin » Tue Dec 02, 2008 9:03 am


We don't currently have any fast streaming LabVIEW examples for the 2205.

A good place to start is probably PS2000con.c in the SDK. This shows the necessary function calls required to implement fast streaming.

As LabVIEW does not support callbacks, you would need to create your own wrapper DLL.


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