Problems connecting 8 EL026

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Problems connecting 8 EL026

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We have 4 chambers for concrete products in our installation plant.

To control them we bought from the local distributor some equipment to mesure both tempreture and humidity.

We installed 2 EL026 converters and a EL005 data logger in each chamber. (total of 8 EL026 converters)

For a time they all worked fine. One day we had a tension problem and the logger went for you to be repaired.

After that, no matter what we try, we don't seem to be able of reading more than 4 converters at a time. We can no longer use them all at the same time.
At that time we updated our enviroman software version.

We named the converters 1 to 8.
When we do autodetect it seems to recognize them all.
We only seem to be able of contacting the logger via the com1 port at a baud of 57600.

Can you help me with this?

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Hi can you email us at as I will need more information from you kind regards.

So just repeat this email on and put FAO of Ziko.

Kind regards

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