Picolog install under Windows 95

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Picolog install under Windows 95

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Hi there

I have a problem installing PicoLog on a Windows 95 machine. I downloaded the 95/Me/200/XP Picolog installer (filename: PicoFull_r5_16_2.exe). The setup works fine on other computers but on my Win 95 pentium 1 it does not even get to the part where you choose your pico product. It crashes with this error message:

Error 1723: There is a problem with this Windows installer package. A DLL required for this install could not be run. Contact your support personel or package vendor. Action: ForceMajorUpgrade, entry: FrobMajorUpgrade, librar...

(and then the message presumably runs off the screen)

the exact windows 95 version is: 4.00.950a

Any advice would be appreciated

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Post by ziko »

Hi Johan,

We do not support Windows 95 anymore, however I would recommend looking at an older version of our software in :


Kind regards

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Post by olepagh »

I'm running Picolog r5.12.1 on some on my old w95 machines with the same W95 release (4.00.950a).

It works fine for at least ADC-16, TC-08 and PT-104 loggers.
If you cannot get that old release from Pico's support, send me an e-mail and i shall see if i can find the old release somewhere in my back-up archives.
Those old versions were all in the magnitude of 5 - 6 MB, as far as i remember.

I will not be able to help you further if your install fails.
/ Best regards

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Re: Picolog install under Windows 95

Post by bjirre »


I’m in need of a Picolog setup for windows 98 or 95. This for a serial TC-08.

Would someone still have this archived somewhere?

Many thanks!


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