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Weird: VB6 Division by zero

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Weird: VB6 Division by zero

Postby psiolent » Wed Oct 29, 2008 10:23 pm

I'm writing some software for my 2203 using VB6 and I've run into a *really* weird problem. I'll just throw it out there and then if anyone needs example code etc. then I will provide that.

I open the unit with ps2000_open_unit then set up the channel with ps2000_set_channel. I then call ps2000_run_block to capture some data from the scope.

After calling ps2000_run_block, and until I exit the function I am in, all divisions performed result in a Division by zero error. This includes statements as simple as:

Debug.print (1 / 1)

I have no idea how to explain this. Has anyone else seen this? I still haven't tried it on any other computers to see if it still has the problem.
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