Measuring Temperature, Pressure and Flow

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Measuring Temperature, Pressure and Flow

Post by joseluistrigo »

I want to measure of a system that has three cycles: Hot Water, Cold Water and Cooling water; each of them needs to measure the Temperature, Pressure and Flow going into the system and Going out just the Temperature. So I have 12 Sensors.
For the Temperatures and Pressures is not problem, I can use a ADC-24 High-Resolution Data Logger because has 16 Channels, but the problem is the Flow which send a pulse signal.
Can any one tell me what Hardware can I use for to measure the Flow and if is possible to connected to the ADC-24 High-Resolution Data Logger so I can control all my instruments in the same program and to display them simultaneously on the Computer for Monitoring and recording?

Jose Luis Trigo Villavicencio
Jülich, Deutschland

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Post by picojohn »

Hello joseluistrigo,

You may wish to consider making a small circuit based around something like an LM2917 to convert flow rate pulses to a voltage which is proportional to flow.


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