Problem with PicoLog and Asus eee

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Andreas Petersson
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Problem with PicoLog and Asus eee

Post by Andreas Petersson » Wed Sep 03, 2008 8:00 am

I have a problem with the PicoLog ADC-11/10 USB and the Asus eee. (A golden combination, I thought...)

Sometimes when I start the PLW-Rekorder it freezes. If I remove the cable to the logger it continues and I get the "no device..." message.

The I go to the "Converter details" dialog box , reconnects the usb-cable again and presses "Refresh".

Then I get "Recovered disconnected unit" and presses OK.

After that the "USB enumeration progress" bar starts filling and continues forever... it never find the device. I remove the usb-cable again and reconnects. When I press the "Refresh" button this time it finds the device.

Sometimes the logging stops or goes wery slowly, "Sampel 1..2..3..4..pause.5.6.7..8..9..10..pause.11.12.13..14..15.".
Sometimes it can run for hours.

Do you know if there are any issues with the USB drivers in the Asus eee or is it just to slow?

Im using PicoLog 5.20.1 And a ADC11/10 with Driver version, Hw version 1, USB version 1.1, Serie GFY605, Calibrated 12Jul05.

Sincerely, Andreas Petersson

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Post by PeterF » Wed Sep 03, 2008 2:30 pm

It is difficult to comment on this as we do not have an Asus Eee to try out here. Because of the design of he ADC-11 and the fact that it does not have any buffer memory of it's own, it does take a lot of the available processor time when logging which could be an issue with the Asus. The Asus also seems to handle the USB connection differently.
The only safe thing to say is that the ADC-11 does not seem to work well with the Asus. Sorry.

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