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ADC-12 always +5VDC

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ADC-12 always +5VDC

Postby GM » Sun Aug 31, 2008 1:19 pm

I can't get any signal but +5VDC from my just-purchased ADC-12.
I have another computer with an ADC-10 and a VB program that works just fine.

I am using a physical parallel port on both machines, and both are running XP.

I purchased the ADC-12 to replicate the system (I could no longer get the ADC-10).

I have read through these forums and seen a number of issues that would appear similar to mine. However, there are not many user responses to the effect: "This is what fixed it for me.".

Using either PicoScope (5.20.1), the VB example from "adc10sdk_r1_0_0.zip", or my program that works with the older system (ADC-10, different PC) I only ever get +5VDC.

In the BIOS I have set LPT1 to the address 378, IRQ7 as suggested.
In the BIOS I have tried all the port modes available: output only, Bi-directional, ECP and EPP.

In PicoScope I have tried selecting LPT1 (gives +5VDC only), LPT2 and LPT3 these latter two produce an error dialog stating that the ADC-12 is not connected.

The VB example from "adc10sdk_r1_0_0.zip" (I changed product from 10 to 12 and the scaling divisor in adc_to_mv from 255 to 4095) returns:
ADC opened
ADC-12 on LPT1
pico.sys V2.1
169393 samples/sec

Can you suggest anything else?

This is very frustrating and time consuming. The option of purchasing the pico USB-to-parallel coverter is not particulary appealling due the additional cost and that I am not confident it will solve my problem.
Additionally, I bought the ADC-12 after reading that it is supported under XP by PicoScope and the programming interface.
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Postby GM » Wed Sep 03, 2008 2:07 pm

For those in a similar predicament:

I used an older notebook with Windows 2000.
I did have to change the BIOS to "Output only" and I was using address 378 and IRQ7.

But PicoScope and my software then worked.
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