pico scope as rpm indicator

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pico scope as rpm indicator

Post by PMarine » Thu Aug 21, 2008 3:16 pm

As an absolute new comer to this stuff, I would like to ask what may appear a naive and simple question to you electronic aficionados. I have recently purchased an ADC-11 Data logger and am using it to record an number of different parameters including two linear displacements, a pressure signal and a flow signal. These all relate to the revolutions of an electric motor. I am currently using an optek reflective switch to give me a pulse every revolution and am gleaning the rpm afterwards in post processing. I understand you can use the Hz meter in Picoscope to get an indication of revs per second. Having tried this though I think I need to apply some sort of conditioning, since it seems to be picking up noise during low revolutions. Also is there a way I can turn this pulse signal into rpm directly on the pico screen / meter? Has anyone used pico scope as an rpm indicator?

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Post by picojohn » Mon Sep 01, 2008 2:04 pm

Hello PMarine,

As you seem to realise, the PicoSope freqency meter does not count pulses and a conditioning circuit is required as you have identified.

You may wish to consider building a circuit around an LM2917 to convert RPM to a proportional voltage. You could then use PicoLog data logging software to display the voltage as RPM.


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