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PS2205 hangs?

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PS2205 hangs?

Postby bmckenney » Fri Jul 25, 2008 4:53 pm

We have a pair of PS2205 units. From time to time, they appear to hang:
The (WinXP) Device Manager says that they are operating properly, but
neither our application nor Picoscope-6 can open them. When in this state,
I don't hear any relay(?) clicks when the opens are attempted. Unplugging
and re-plugging the units clears the symptom.

The symptom appears rather unpredictably, but I can most reliably
generate it by putting the (PC) host into Hibernate, waiting for
a few minutes, and then waking it up again. I have also seen it after the
units have been sitting idle for a few hours (the PC may or may not have
gone into Standby during that time). I have seen this symptom both when
(a) the units are direct-connected and (b) they are connected through a hub.

Our SDK version is r1_0_0. The picoscope-6 version is The USB
driver is version (04/16/2007).

These units are destined for a remote location, where power-cycling them
(manually) is not a useful option. Is there something we can do to prevent/
correct this symptom?
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Postby PeterF » Tue Jul 29, 2008 8:51 am

The most likely problem is that your power saving settings are wrong. Do not allow the PC to hibernate, go to standby or shut off power to the USB ports. Any of these will disrupt comms between the PicoScope program and the 2205 scopes and they will need a disconnection to re-connect.
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