Multiple Triggers?

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Multiple Triggers?

Post by Kevin »


I'm trying something that may seem a little strange, but we're trying to use what we've got before buying other things. We need a way to count triggers coming from multiple discriminators and logic units. We've got an ADC-212, at 100 MHz, and we're not even interested in the data itself (yet).

I've been able to successfully count a trigger from one channel (any of the three that the board has) by simply using a call to the function adc200_set_trigger() and supplying as an argument the appropriate channel. However, as I said before, I need to be able to count triggers off of multiple channels (simultaneously, at ~100 Hz) and as soon as I call adc200_set_trigger() with a different channel, it forgets about the first trigger. So, using this method, I can only trigger from one channel.

Since this seemed to be out of the question, I've turned to trying to spot a trigger through a function I've written on my own that looks at a small trace itself and acts as a soft discriminator. I can get this trigger working with one of our external triggers since that trigger is wide enough that I don't have to continuously scan the data from the Pico card. On the other hand, the trigger from the discriminator/logic unit is not so wide, and so I have to continuously scan the data so that I pick up all of the triggers sent. I've seen from another post that it is not possible to continuously scan the Pico card.

So unless I can get the card itself looking for triggers on multiple channels, I can't do what I need. Has anybody else had any success with using multiple ports to trigger?

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Post by markB »

Its not possible to do this with the ADC212.

The PicoScope 2205 and PicoScope 5000 series have more advanced trigger logic so that you can trigger A AND B or A OR B. However, I dont think these products would entirely satisfy your requirements as they do no trigger counting.


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