Custom Mask TimeBase Issue

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Custom Mask TimeBase Issue

Post by rmorrisinglett »

Trying to create custom mask and for whatever reason the export mask only exports as Seconds for the horizontal timebase. After you add and edit your points, when you import it it comes in as milliseconds no matter what the value "unittype value="Seconds" is set to, but all the x values are being displayed as points in the Seconds scale. Ive tried, milliSeconds, MicroSeconds, etc... Nothing seems to change how the mask is imported.

I need it to truly be imported in milliseconds. What value is the code looking for here so that the import is done at the correct scale?

** admin edit: we have included the code as a file, the code formatting was messing with the page rendering, so no text appeared
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Re: Custom Mask TimeBase Issue

Post by Martyn »

Can you post the psdata file showing the mask you have created, before you have expor it.
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