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Hello to all..
I try to measure old Oehler light screen unit. So there is light source and unit.
Manufacturer give me instruction how to measure with oscilloscope. And those are. Pulse Width: Nominal 2 ms.
Pulse Height: Nominal 12 V (10 – 12 V Typical). Rise Time: < 1 us..

Output Impedance: Output high is nominally 12 V through 50 Ω for 2 ms, pulled to ground
through 10 kΩ for the low state. The leading edge has a rise time less
than 10 ns if connected to a high impedance termination, i.e. scope
probe set to X10.

And also manufacturer give some informatio: Suggested Oscilloscope Settings
Input: DC Coupled
Sweep: 1 ms/div
Vertical: 2 V/div
Trigger: DC or AC Coupled, Rising Edge, CH1

I had Picoscope 3425 and wire connected between Pico and device.
Software 6 or 7.
Can someone give me "Dummy" instruction how i can check is than device ok..
Thank you..

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Re: Triggering

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The settings look fine, 2V/div would be +/-10V , set the trigger to around 5V, capture a signal and post a psdata file here.
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