Many troubles with PicoScope 7 with PicoScope 6000 Series

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Many troubles with PicoScope 7 with PicoScope 6000 Series

Post by PicoUser123 »

I own a PicoScope 6824E and a PicoScope 6424E, so I've spent about $25,000 USD on PicoScopes recently. To be honest, I am really regretting my decision to save a few bucks over Tektronix or Keysight because PicoScope 7 has been such a disaster. Let me list all of the problems I have had because it doesn't seem like it has been getting better very quickly over the past year or more.

1. Very slow to compute statistics, and crashes if there are statistics computed in roll mode
2. Matlab export is not working at all. File is corrupt when reading in with Matlab 2022b and Python's Scipy.
3. Cannot view PicoScope 7 screen remotely via Microsoft Remote Desktop (just appears blank)
4. Extremely slow triggering and unresponsive UI, often very slow update rate while trigger is being acquired. My Tek and Keysight scopes don't take 25 seconds to trigger from a sine wave, wtf?

I understand marketing's desire to make the UI all fancy, snazzy and look like an Apple product, but get real, PicoScope is supposed to be for engineers. I don't care if it looks slick if it doesn't work.

Is it time to just admit the truth and abandon PicoScope 7 in favor of continuing development of PicoScope 6? Or do you think you can get the basic functionality working properly soon: triggering, UI responsiveness, data export, stability?

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Re: Many troubles with PicoScope 7 with PicoScope 6000 Series

Post by Martyn »

I am sorry you are experiencing issues with your PicoScopes and PicoScope 7 software, hopefully we wil be able to resolve your issues and concerns.

To start the process of identifying and resolving your issues I will need details of your setup
  • PC Hardware
    Operating System
    Version of PicoScope 7 software you are using

If you don't wish to discuss this on an open forum you can contact me directly through
Technical Support Manager

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