New user, many issues (PicoScope 6403E)

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New user, many issues (PicoScope 6403E)

Post by AndreasH »

Hi there!
So far I have only used conventional oscilloscopes and when using the PicoScope I am encountering problems that I absolutely did not expect.

Operating system: Windows 11 Pro Version 10.0.22621 Build 22621, 64 Bit.
The issues happen in both the stable and early access Versions ( &
First of all: My primary use case for the PicoScope will be analyzing and decoding of serial data with frequencies in between 100-500MHz. My readings of the PicoScope specification are, that it should be able to handle such a task.
And Second: I am absolutely no cheap guy but for a full priced oscilloscope I also expect full functionality and usability.

Issue 1: There is no serial data trigger.
I got the point - the lack of hardware decoding in the PicoScope results in the need to sample all the data and then search for it afterwards.

Issue 2: If only the digital inputs are used, the "advanced trigger types" are not available (considering issue 1), the name is an exaggeration)

Issue 3: Trigger in “Repeat” operation mode does not fire reliable, even at 4 waves/s, each wave has 2.5MS. As it seems this issue varies depending on the samples per wave.

Issue 4: Aux Trg: The symbol on the PicoSope looks like this is both input and output. But I am not able to use this port as trigger output, any suggestions? Currently I use the AWG output for triggering external hardware but this is no solution because I’d like to have both options at the same time.

Issue 5: At fast Trigger Mode: AWG-Output (described at issue 4) is not operable.

Issue 6: At fast Trigger Mode: Warning "Too many samples. Some waveform data is missing. Please reduce the 'Number of Samples' and restart capture" appears. I made 100 Waveforms each 3906Samples each with 19,5 MS/s sample rate and time between single measurements 250ms. The Frequency of the signal is 2MHz. This is ridiculous.

Issue 7: SPI decoder: The decoder does not separate the messages without chip select. Each waveform is decoded as a single message – you got to be kidding? I even can’t try to fit each message in one waveform because then I will have data loss, because messages that are cut of will not be decoded.

Issue 8: And as cherry on top of the cake there is the fan. I don’t think that this PicoScope was designed for the use in an office environment. The fan is too loud, even when no measurements are active. And if I unplug it after a measurement is completed, the waves of the digital input get deleted on every waveform.

I really like the idea of having an oscilloscope on my pc and all the data on it. And as much as I would like to use this device but at the moment I am not satisfied. I did not search for issues, I just wanted to use it. Every measurement I tried to make a new issue was revealed.

At the moment I don’t have the imagination as to how I should look for an single error on a faster serial interface, for example SPI at 500Mhz without chip select and short breaks between messages, were too much data is generated for continous logging.

Please help or tell me that, with my requirements, i am not your targeted customer.

Best regards,

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Re: New user, many issues (PicoScope 6403E)

Post by Martyn »

Thank you for your feedback on the PicoScope 6403E ,we welcome both positive and negative comments regarding our products as it helps us to make improvements. Please find responses to your questions below.

Issue 1 There is no serial data trigger.
- We have received a few requests for this, and we are investigating what would be involved in providing the feature across all devices

Issue 2 If only the digital inputs are used, the "advanced trigger types" are not available
- This has been fixed and will be available in the next release of the Early Access software.

Issue 3 Trigger in “Repeat” operation mode does not fire reliable
- If possible can you provide a psdata file so that we can check your settings and ensure you have the optimum setup.

Issue 4 Aux Trig
- Aux output is not currently supported in the software, I will raise this with the development team for further comment.

Issue 5 At fast Trigger Mode: AWG-Output (described at issue 4) is not operable.
- Please note that the signal pulse you need to generate in response to a trigger must be shorter than the time of the capture so that the generator has completed output and is ready for the next trigger. If you provide a psdata file we can check the settings and operation.

Issue 6 At fast Trigger Mode: Warning "Too many samples.
- We would like to see a psdata file to check this through.

Issue 7: SPI decoder:
- Can you provide a psdata file showing this, and describe what you would expect to see.

Issue 8: Fan
- Fans will make some noise, would it be possible for you to record this with a phone at a distance of 1 meter so we can see if there is an issue with your device.

It may be more convenient if you are able to provide the information and files we have requested directly to as the forum has limits on file sizes.
Technical Support Manager

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