Popups won't stay open (Ubuntu Linux)

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Popups won't stay open (Ubuntu Linux)

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I am using Picoscope 7 EA on Ubuntu 22.04 and having problems with popup windows (e.g. for entering numeric values or selecting trigger type). When I click the mouse button, nothing happens; when I release it again, the popup window appears and immediately disappears again just like a screen flicker. No chance to enter or select anything (see attached screencast).

System environment:
  • Several PCs with Ubuntu 2204 (mixed Nvidia and AMD)
  • Picoscope versions 7.1.2, 7.1.11EA and all previous EA versions for as long as I can remember
  • 3840x2160 screen resolution with GDK_SCALE=2 (removing GDK_SCALE does not help)
  • device 3204D or dummy device makes no difference
This issue is driving me crazy, the biggest problem is the trigger type. I used to work around this by using a Windows PC or Picoscope 6, but now my only option is to find an old psettings or psdata file with the correct trigger settings...
Does nobody else have this problem? AFAIK I did not set any special options, but if anybody has some ideas, I'm eager to try them.

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