Feature request: Measurement "Max" and "Min" for all signals in one waveform

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Feature request: Measurement "Max" and "Min" for all signals in one waveform

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Dear Madame and Sir,
I have a single waveform that contains several high- and low pulses.
I would like to have a statistic over the wave form for all pulses (maybe configurable if all captured or those between the cursors, like in the other measurement functions?).
At the moment I only can do:
1. A "DeepMeasurement", which gives me all the high- and low bit times, but no statistics for the found Max and Min value I'm interested in.
2. A "Measurement", but this seems only to measure the first found high- or low time and creates a statistics over the number of wave forms captured (but than from every wave form only the first event), which is not what I need.

What I would like to have is something between: A measurement of all timings in a single wave form and a statistic output from this (Especially Max and Min Value).
The only way to do this I can see at the moment, is to export the "DeepMeasurement" of a wave form and do the calculation external, which needs additional tools and is additional manual effort and takes its time.

Can you give me a hint, if I maybe miss a function in the software that does this job already?
And if not, maybe think about adding such a functionality to either the "DeepMeasurement" or the "Measurment" feature?

Best regards,
Christian Winnewisser

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