Saving data measured with TDR

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Saving data measured with TDR

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I'm having a problem while saving data measured with TDR using PicoScope 9311-20. Is there a way to save data in csv or txt format with two axes (impedance with respect to time)? I tried to save it in wfm file and then convert it using WFM Converter. The commands I wrote are written below, both of those resulted in nothing - no csv or txt file were created.

First command:
ConvertTekWfm [/C:/ | Differential_J28positive_J29negative.wfm [/CSV] [Differential_J28positive_J29negative.csv]]

Second command:
ConvertTekWfm [/C:/ | Differential_J28positive_J29negative.wfm [/TXT] [Differential_J28positive_J29negative.txt]]

Kind regards,
Magdalena Jurčević

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