Labview : trigger mode single

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Labview : trigger mode single

Post by SAMI »

Hi All,

I am using a Picoscope 2206B MSO with Labview 2019 64 bits.
It works, however I have problems setting the trigger mode.
I'm trying to fix the trigger on "single" mode and not "auto" mode for start streaming on rising front of the signal A.

I'm not find the VI to fix the trigger mode in the labview example.

I tested the triggering PicoScope 7 with the scope in single mode : it seems to work fine.

Can you help me ?

Regards SAMi
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Re: Labview : trigger mode single

Post by AndrewA »

Hello SAMi,

If you are trying to use LabIVEW to do a single trigger with LabVIEW examples I suggest use the the block example- ...
And remove the while loop from vi above.
To turn off autotrigger set "Auto Trigger Time (ms)" to zero.

You could also use the streaming example- ...
with "Auto Stop" on.
And Pre and post trigger samples controlling the trigger position.
And set "Samples" to equal to the sum of these values.
For example for a 50% trigger position set-
Pre-trigger samples - 500k
Post-trigger samples - 500k
Samples - 1M
"Auto Stop" on
Regards Andrew
Technical Specialist

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