TCP Port 8000 usage

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TCP Port 8000 usage

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What does Picoscope use TCP port 8000 for?
I found this by chance today when working on another project and found my own local webserver failing to start if Picoscope 7 was running first.

Checking netstat (I am on Windows 10) I can see that the port is sat listening but I cannot find documentation regarding this?

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>netstat -aon | findstr "8000"
  TCP               LISTENING       4
  TCP    [::]:8000              [::]:0                 LISTENING       4
If I close Picoscope the port allocation disappears and then I am able to run my local webserver no problem.
Incidentally if I already have my webserver running and then run Picoscope both work quite happily, so I assume Picoscope uses another port if 8000 is already taken.

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