Zeroing a current probe for PicoLog

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Zeroing a current probe for PicoLog

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I am using a PicoScope 4444 with voltage and current probes. The TA301 current probe recomends to zero it, and I found how to use it in the PicoScope 7 software, but I would want to do the same in PicoLog, so I can keep an accurate record.

Is there any way of zeroing it using PicoLog?
if not, there is any way of configuring PicoScope to record the measures with a lower frequency than the sampling frequency?

I am using PicoLog to record a sample every 500ms, sampling every 1ms. I would like to do the same calibrating the probe with PicoLog (I can resample with it) or resampling the measures with PicoScope (I can calibrate zero with it).


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