How are measurements and their statistics calculated (single or multiple waveforms)?

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How are measurements and their statistics calculated (single or multiple waveforms)?

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Thank you for creating Picoscope 7, in the beginning it is a bit getting used to but it is an improvement over Picoscope 6.

I was looking for a manual for Picoscope 7, and found a post by @Bob Mehew related to the availability of a Picoscope 7 manual. The position of Pico is that there is none and there is no intention to create one. I respect but at the same time deplore this position, the rationale between this position below:

The manual of picocope 6 states: Average: "The arithmetic man of the measurements from the last n captures where n is the number of Statistics Captures set on the General Page of the Preferences dialog"

Q1: Is there a number of Statistics Captures on the preferences tab of Picoscope 7? I did not find one, so please detail this. Did this settings move to another tab or was it left out?

Q2: Would it be possible to define mathematically (see attached png) what is behind these measurements? More in detail, I have 6 waveforms captures, I display the Peak to Peak and the Mean values including their min, max, std deviation and 'n'. I see the Peak to Peak change when I switch waveform, but the mean value does not. Does this mean that the mean value is calculated over all waveforms and the peak to peak for each individual waveform? Likewise, the average and the standard deviation on the peak to peak and mean, how are these calculated? T
Q3: The value of n is this the number of waveforms taken for the calculation, because if peak to peak differ when I select another waveform, what is the use of n displayed in the details?

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