Getting trigger time offset does not work

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Kou Oishi
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Getting trigger time offset does not work

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Hi guys,

I'm using PicoScope 6824E with the Rapid Block Mode.
Referring to the instruction ... kmode.html , I can collect data successfully with ps6000aGetValuesBulk(), but the trigger time offsets cannot be with either ps6000aGetTriggerTimeOffset() nor ps6000aGetValuesTriggerTimeOffsetBulk().

The error codes are always PICO_TRIGGER_TIME_NOT_REQUESTED (0x02000001UL).
PicoStatus.h says "When requesting the TriggerTimeOffset the trigger time has not been set," but I'm not sure what causes it and what I should modify my code for it.

Could you please give me any measures to correct this issue?

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