sdk exmple problem with picolog1216

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sdk exmple problem with picolog1216

Post by oddpxl »

Hello, I'm trying to run the C example using Visual Studio 2019 and PicoLog1216. The device is recognized and connected successfully:
but when I try to read values, I get only zeros on all channels:

To make sure that everything is ok with the device, I try the same with the PicoLog Application and see that values come from the channels I have activated:
picolog-app.jpg (16.36 KiB) Viewed 165 times
Is such a problem already known and is there perhaps already a solution for it?

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Re: sdk exmple problem with picolog1216

Post by Martyn »

Have you tried applying an actual voltage to the channels rather than leaving them open. For ease there is a 2.5V output on the PicoLog 1216 which can be looped back into a channel. You should then see actual values being returned by the application.

PicoLog 6 is reporting values which are actually smaller than the individual step size for the 12 bit resolution of the device, 2.5V/4096 gives 610uV
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