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I'm attempting to provide synchronized data capture triggering and AWG triggering from a 3205D with a single trigger pulse to the 3205D's external input, working with the Python wrappers.

When configuring the AWG and scope channel to the external trigger line simultaneously I'm receiving a PICO_WARNING_EXT_THRESHOLD_CONFLICT when setting the threshold to the same numeric value through ps3000aSetSimpleTrigger() and ps3000aSetSigGenBuiltIn(). The output from my test script:

Code: Select all

Attempting to open Picotech...
Picotech connected
ps3000aSetSigGenBuiltIn trigger level value: c_short(9830)
Signal generator output configured
Channel A input levels configured
ps3000aSetSimpleTrigger trigger level value: c_short(9830)
Simple trigger configured
Timebase pulled
Memory segmented
Number of captures (1) set
Data buffer set
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "shared_ext_in_test.py", line 244, in 
  File "/usr/local/lib/python3.8/dist-packages/picosdk/functions.py", line 160, in assert_pico_ok
    raise PicoSDKCtypesError("PicoSDK returned '{}'".format(PICO_STATUS_LOOKUP[status]))
picosdk.errors.PicoSDKCtypesError: PicoSDK returned 'PICO_WARNING_EXT_THRESHOLD_CONFLICT'
I suspect there's some funny ADC scaling that I'm not accounting for, though I haven't managed to pull this from the docs. Curiously (but likely irrelevantly) I do not receive this error when setting the threshold values to 0 or 1.

Further context: I do have the shared trigger approach described functioning in some capacity by pointing ps3000aSetSigGenBuiltIn()'s triggerSource to PS3000A_SIGGEN_SCOPE_TRIG, but a 1-microsecond delay is present between the trigger signal and AWG output starting. This behavior is also present when configuring an advanced triggering setup. I'm hoping to minimize this trigger->output delay by pointing ps3000aSetSigGenBuiltIn() directly to PS3000A_SIGGEN_EXT_IN.

Thoughts or ideas as to how I can get both AWG and the input scope channel triggering directly off of the same external input pulse?

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