Using Maths Channels in Maths Channels

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Using Maths Channels in Maths Channels

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I just purchased a PicoLog 1216 to replace a Thermo DataTaker DT80 that was logging 4-5 pressure sensors, mainly because the software was unreliable and frustrating. I'm hoping PicoLog is better...

The PicoLog should be able to do all that I want to (except for one flow sensor that uses RS-232*). However, it looks like it will be very cumbersome to do some calculations in PicoLog.

I am calculating some flow rates based on a pressure drop across an orifice. This requires a few simple steps in a calculation, but the equations become quite long if done in one step. Additionally want a ratio of two flow rates, making a single step formula twice as long.

Long story short I want to create a Maths channel that uses other Maths channels in the calculations. I don't see why (from a technical point of view) this isn't possible. Its just not programmed into the software to allow it.

The way around it would be to repeat calculations multiple times in each maths channel but is there a more elegant solution?

*PS question on RS-232, I plan to decode the RS-232 with an Arduino then output it as a PWM "analogue" signal. Would PicoLog measure a simple voltage from an "analogue" PWM digital signal? Alternatively as Raspberry Pi DAC can work (and control the Picoscope, so probably the better option).

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