Missing includes (Ubuntu packages)

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Missing includes (Ubuntu packages)

Post by frank.osterfeld »

I'm currently using The Ubuntu packages, version 2.1.101-6r3316.

The includes in /opt/picoscope/include/libps4000a are incomplete:

libps4000a/ps4000aApi.h has "19:#include "PicoCallback.h", but PicoCallback.h does not exist in the libps4000a directory. (but only in libps5000a/, libps6000a/ and libsearfire/)

As all the includes in the psXXXXapi.h files are without libpsXXXX prefix, it seems intended to add a single subfolder like libps4000a directly to the include path (-I/opt/picoscope/include/libps4000a instead of -I/opt/picoscope/include - which also makes it hard/impossible with most build system to build support for different models into the same application/library target), I think these folders should be self-contained.

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