Questions about PicoScope 4262

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Questions about PicoScope 4262

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Geologist here, looking for advice on setting up an experiment. I’m looking to measure the phase lag and magnitude of a voltage waveform across a sample of rock relative to the injected current waveform. This measurement will need to be repeated at discrete frequencies ranging from 0.01 Hz – 10 kHz.
A sample holder will hold the sample of rock(s) and current will be injected at the end of the sample holder through an electrode. The voltage difference will be measured by potential electrodes located along the body of the sample. My plan is to compare the signal from the potential electrodes to the current waveform recorded on a reference resistor.
I believe the PicoScope 4262 will provide the highest quality results, I have attached a figure of how I plan to utilize it to make the measurements I need. I’m kind of new to this and being a geologist and all some of the information is a bit over my head so I apologize if some of this seems rudimentary. I just want to confirm that the 4262 can be setup the way I imagine and make the measurements I have described above. I know I will also need some accessories as well so any information anyone could provide to me on other equipment that I may need is welcome! Thank you!
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Re: Questions about PicoScope 4262

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the 4262 scope is a single ended scope (almost all scopes are)
that means the negative sides of the inputs are all connected. (even grounded to the ground of your laptop / pc)
You can adjust the electronics to outputs a single ended voltage output if you develop the electronics with opamps.
But it won't work as differential on the scope, and you can use the opamps to make a differential signal you want to measure a single ended input for the scope.


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