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Picoscope with Tablets

Post by Hansebenger »

I have connected my Picoscope 2205 to my Windows 10 Tablet with a Micro USB OTG Cable as a small portable setup without the need for a mains outlet.
I sometimes had problems with the relay not fireing on startup. This problem wasn't present the last year but now it is present 99% of all trials.
I know that a micro USB port from a tablet is not all that great in delivering energy, so I tried some tricks:
- USB Hub in between (for energy buffering?!, is working for 2204 100%, not for 2205)
- USB Y cable (not working at all)
- Loaded the battery of my tablet and let it run some time without Picoscope (for capacitator regenerating?!)

I want to keep my portable setup, am I missing some obvious tricks?
I wonder what's the best way to use an external mobile USB power source? Do 4 Ni-Mh batteries provide stable enough voltage?

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Re: Picoscope with Tablets

Post by Gerry »

Hi Hansebenger,

Sorry for the delay in answering (circumstances have prevented me from answering forum posts for longer than we would prefer).

This type of problem is not straightforward to fix because it's not even straightforward to diagnose. The issue is that Power requirement is just one potential cause of the problem. It could also be timing, because the start up process for our PicoScopes is a little intricate and requires the PicoScopes being but into different USB states, which is the cause of a lot of USB devices (USB hubs, USB extenders, USB isolators, etc) not getting the timing right, preventing the device from starting up.

Could you tell us if the PS2204 starts up as often without the hub?


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