Waiting for PicoScope to be actually sampling

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Waiting for PicoScope to be actually sampling

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Use case:
Stimulate and observe a system under test using the PicoScope 5444D MSO and the A API:
  • Start data acquisition
  • Use signal generator to stimulate the system under test
  • Wait until data acquisition has been completed
  • Get data from PicoScope
  • Analyze data
Current approach (simplified):
  • Call OpenUnit among other initialization
  • Call SetSigGenBuiltInV2 with software trigger to prepare the signal output
  • Call SetSimpleTrigger to clear the trigger
  • Call RunBlock to start data acquisition
  • Call SigGenSoftwareControl to start the signal output
  • ...
After return of the RunBlock function, it seems that the PicoScope takes approx. 30 ms until it actually starts sampling. Hence, the signal output starts before the data acquisition.

Is there a way to wait until the sampling has actually been started?
For my use case, it would be helpful if the RunBlock function would block until the sampling has been started. Alternatively, a function like IsSampling or a corresponding callback would be helpful.
Is there at least a reliable timespan the PicoScope requires at most to start sampling after the RunBlock function returns?

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