Generate signal out of input signal

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Generate signal out of input signal

Post by sllent »


is it possible to measure a voltage signal and output it on the signal generator as a frequency signal?

For example:
Measured Input Voltage = 10 V ------ Output Signal = 100 kHz
Measured Input Voltage = 1 V ------ Output Signal = 10 kHz

So every +1 V measured, correlates to +10 kHz on the output.

What would be the expected time delay for such a calculation?

Thanks for your help.

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Re: Generate signal out of input signal

Post by Martyn »

This would not be possible within the PicoScope application.

If you were writing your own application using the SDK then it would depend upon the setup of the scope and how it is collecting and processing the data, although a ball park figure would be 10's of milliseconds or faster.
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