Labview example: Trigger parameters?

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Labview example: Trigger parameters?

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I am using labview example with labview2000 to operate a picoscope2205A
AWG output is set to sinus waveform operations and direcly connected to Channel A (signal confirmed with oscilloscope).
How do I have to set the trigger parameters such that triggers and display the AWG Signal?
The example programm seems to be stuck after waiting for the ready signal from the scope
after the run block reading command:
1)int16_t _ps3000_run_block@20(int16_t handle, int32_t no_of_samples, int16_t timebase, int16_t oversample, int32_t *time_indisposed_ms);
2)Function int16_t _ps3000_ready@4(int16_t handle); no reply!

Hardware is working as I see the AWG signal on channel A with picoscope 6.

Any help/link is appreciated!


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