matlab collect data wrong

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matlab collect data wrong

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Hello,I have got an 3405D MSO device,and I have connect the picoscope to matlab2018b successfully.

Now I am using PS3000A_ID_Block_Example to collect data, the timebaseindex is 2, and the Intervalnanoseconds is 4ns, to collect a whole current cycle,I need about 8000000(8e6) data or even more.

The task I want to complete is collect data every few seconds, so I add a (while 1) function and pause() function to make it works.
But the problem is, it always jam after several times(two、threetimes or even worse: the first time),It will shows as the follow(sorry I didn't fnd a way to upload a pcture) ,and it will keep jamming and doesn't work.

runBlock: Waiting for device to become ready...
runBlock: Device ready.

getBlockData: Setting up data buffers...
getBlockData: Retrieving data...

PS:I have tried every solutions I can search, I have delete the picture programm.
Every time I collect data successfully, I will clear the value before the next collection.
I also set the JAVA heap memory to the Maximum,It doesn't work either.

So I would like to know if anyone can help me?

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