Generate Binary Stream Message Using AWG with Picoscope API

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Generate Binary Stream Message Using AWG with Picoscope API

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Hi everyone,

I am currently using the Picoscope 3405 DMSO with Python. I am trying to generate a 32-bit message using the built in function generator. Using the Picoscope GUI, I am able to click Signal Generator > Arbitrary... > Bit Stream Mode > Create Binary Stream. Then I can use a 128 sample size and 32 hex numbers to create my custom 32-bit message. This has the function generator producing the message I want to analyze.

My question is: I am able to do this all manually using the GUI, is it possible to automate this using the Picoscope API? I already have a working Python script for capturing channel data based on your Picoscope Block Example. I would like to capture this custom 32-bit message, but first I have to figure out how to generate it using the Arbitrary Wave Generator. I have read similar posts on this forum, but none of them talk about generating a binary stream / custom square wave. Is this even possible using the API? Can anyone point me in the right direction?

I have included an attachment of the signal I generated in the GUI.
Thank you.
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