Pecoscope software not finding 2206B device

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Pecoscope software not finding 2206B device

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Hi can any one help I have looked through the Forum and there is an example of this problem I have followed the information in the topic and still I cannot get the Pecoscope software to see the hardware.

First of all there is nothing wrong with my device it and the software work well on another two computers we have without issue

I have installed Pecoscope 6.14.61 and the packaged driver the driver installs and the device is recognised when you open the software only the Demo device is available.

I have uninstalled both the software and the software driver (I did tick the check box to remove it completely)

I reinstalled the software and the driver (I have tried this 5 times) without success
I uninstalled the driver and reinstalled it from the driver pack (mentioned in another forum topic) this also did not work

The strange thing is if I download and install Picolog, Pecolog finds the 2206B and it works

My system is an AMD Sempron SI-42 2.10ghz
4GB memory
running windows 7 pro 64bit (fresh install with DOT net 3.5 and 4.5 installed along with visual studio 2015)

Can any one suggest anything else I am at the point of reinstalling windows to get this working

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