Synchronized Scope + Wavgen Trigger using AuxIO channel on the 6824E

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Synchronized Scope + Wavgen Trigger using AuxIO channel on the 6824E

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Dear reader,

I am currently building an application for ultrasound measurements using the python picosdk library from GitHub on windows with the march release of the PicoSDK drivers for the 6824E scope . So I tried out various ways of triggering the scope and waveform generator simulatanously but could not get to what I desire. The problem I am facing is the missalignement between 2 seperate measurements. So what I tried to do was triggering the scope on an AuxIO channel and setting the source of the wavgen to scope. This works in theory but there is arbitrary delay between acquisitions which was reported before by someone else. Unfortunately I can't find the post atm...
Anyways so in the 6000E programmers guide it states that it should be possible to trigger the waveform generator on the aux channel aswell which does not work however. I could not get that feature to work with the picoscope 6 software either. So what I noticed when playing around in the picoscope 6 software is that only when setting the trigger of the waveformgenerator to aux input there is no clicking sound coming from the scope when activating or deactivating the wavgen. If the trigger source is set to manual or source there is an audible clicking sound from within the scope when activating/deactivating the wavgen.

So I was wondering if I am doing something wrong or if maybe there is some strange behaviour to the settings of the waveform generator as the scope does trigger on the AuxIO channel.

As for the input to the aux channel it is a 0 to 3.3V, 1ms long, square pulse at 50ohms impedance so it should match the requirements for the AuxIO channel nicely.

My workaround for now is using a seperate waveform generator and syncing that to my trigger signal. This however should not be necessary.

I thank anyone for any recommendations in advance

Best Regards!

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