Picoscope 2000 series running Picolog Ver: 6.2.5

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Picoscope 2000 series running Picolog Ver: 6.2.5

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I have just purchased a Picoscope 2405A (replacing an older 3206) running on Windows. I made a point of checking that it would run Picolog software as I had made much use of this tool in the past. I first checked with the distributor (Element14 in Australia) and also found reference to its suitability from the Picotech website (https://www.picotech.com/downloads)

Whilst Picolog 6.2.5 has a more polished interface than the earlier Version 5.x.x, it appears to lack certain features! Once connected my only choice is trace colour, sample interval,input range and coupling. What has happened to volts ac/dc, dB volts and frequency? All I can log is DC volts and no AC volts at all.

I am only trying to log AC 50 Hz from a pico current probe. I have tried it on Windows 10 and 7 using current and older version 6's with no success. Am I doing something wrong or is there some compatibility issue.


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