Replace missing banana plug?

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Replace missing banana plug?

Post by chrissv »

I have the PicoConnect 441 1:1 differential probes ( ... tial-probe )

One of the banana plugs fell off. Sure, I can use a standard banana plug, but it is a differnet height from the other one (and yes, I know I can replace both of them, but now they would be different from the other probes).

Does anyone know where I can get just the banana plugs used for these probes?


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Re: Replace missing banana plug?

Post by bennog »

There is a screw in the back of the hole where you can open the plug.
I have all of my plugs redone, because they fell of on the 3th use or something
There is a resistor inside to protect the scope so keep the resistor.

It was an obvious fault in the construction of the connector (can not remember exactly what is was because i have one of the first units produced). After I reconnected them in the propper way I had never had any problem again.


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