Including the offset value when exporting data

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Including the offset value when exporting data

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we are using a Picoscope 5244B oscilloscope to detect the signal of a PMT over time. After every measurement, we export the measured data for further analysis. For this it would be nice if the selected DC offset could be included in the exported file (preferably a .mat file, .csv is also possible). Of course, the offset value could be considered in two different ways (1 cell with the offset value or the offset value already added to every datapoint) and both ways would be fine.
For example, if you calculate the ratio between 2 datapoints, you need to consider the offset value. 8 mV divided by 3 mV will lead to a completely different result than 108 mV divided by 103 mV.
We can't use a larger verticle range without any offset because the changes of our signals are quite small and we need the better verticle resolution for proper signal detection.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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