PicoScope 3206D vs 2206B

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PicoScope 3206D vs 2206B

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I am new here, I do not have much experience with Pico - sorry if asking too simple things.

I am using one Picoscope from awhile for simple automotive things like CAN and UART decoding, it is a superb oscilloscope but is not mine and I have to give it back so I wonder if I can buy something similar :). On the back there is only one label PicoScope3206, it is with 2 probes but at picotech website I can see only model 3206D with much better parameters: 200MHz Bandwidth, 2 channels, 512 MS memory. According to the description - "this bandwidth is matched by a real-time sampling rate of up to 1 GS/s, allowing detailed display of high frequencies".

What confuses me id that the guy I took the Pico was sure that it can not be with 200MHz bandwidth but rather something like 40 or 70. Maybe this is older model. Where in the PC Software I can see the real parameters? Also what is the real difference between 20MHz, 70MHz or 200MHz ? In the PicoScope 6 app I can see that the minimal division is 100 ns / div so do I need such big bandwidth?

Since the price of 3206D is currently 1655USD and I am not really electronics professional and use it for very basic tasks. I wonder if I can maybe buy 2206B? Would I see big difference? I am interested mostly from the menu Tools->Serial Decoding where I need to use mostly the CAN and UART functions (CAN500 and up to 256000 baud) - I tested that they work excellently with 3206D. I rarely use division when measuring signals less than 1ms/div. I hope that with 2206B these functions are still available?

Maybe there is here someone who has used 2206B for signals decoding?

Many thanks.

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