Semi bug saving more than 8 channels in other format than psdata

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Semi bug saving more than 8 channels in other format than psdata

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I am using a 1216 to record data on more than 8 channels. In picoscope 6 the limit is 8 channels in one plot, and it creates a scope view more with additional channels to be viewed.

When saving recordings it saves only the scope view that it selected before pushing the save button -> this is true for all other formats(CSV,txt,.mat) than the psdata .

This i kind of annoying as I use the alarm function to create and store data files I then open the data files with a external program where I process the data and takes out the information I need and then I log this in another file with a sample rate off 1 minut.

It would be nice if the channels in the 2 scope views could be combined into one data file

The above datalogning way gives me realtime view and downsample long term datalogning, but I need more than 8 channels and the system will be running for months.

And as only the selected view would be saved one have to be careful not to change window/slope view.

And now it kind of looks like I should do my own app and i kind of went with the 1216 to avoid this

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