5444D MSO hangs when activating serial decoding

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I recently bought a 5444D MSO and wanted to do some serial decoding with it.
But 90pct of the time after capturing a waveform the serial decoding bar shows 'Waiting for data' and the entire gui becomes unresponsive. This happens immediately after receiving a waveform (with a single trigger) or if he was able to do that, if I edit the serial decoding parameters and close the serial decoding screen. It seemed the serial decoding did not have this problem when it was only 1 serial character, but now i have about 10 and then it happens.

If I kill the application and restart it then it says it cannot detect the usb scope.
If I only unplug the scope then it seems the application recovers a bit but then it gets into the same hanging state again.

From what i can see, for some reason it seems he tries to communicate again with the scope when doing the serial decoding, and this communication seems to go wrong almost every time for longer serial messages and everything just hangs.

PicoScope® 6 - PC Oscilloscope software version:
Copyright © 1995-2020, Pico Technology Ltd.

Model: PicoScope 5444D MSO
Serial Number: IV945/0196
USB Version: 3,0
Calibration Date: maandag 10 mei 2021
Hardware Version: 1
Driver Version:
Firmware Version: /

This is on windows 7 pro.

I have used picoscope 3000 series for the past 10 to 15 years without ever experiencing this.
USB3 related ?


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