2204a Faulty Scope?

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2204a Faulty Scope?

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I have recently purchased a 2204A but unfortunately I think the scope is faulty. Channel A is noisy at ground and often reads higher than channel B when reading exactly the same source.

I have tried difference cables and difference sources with no change.
I have also re-zeroed both channels
I also connected used the signal generator, 1V 1HZ to each channel. Again I got bad signal on channel A and both channels do not show true square waves.

Please can you let me know what I need to fix the scope? I need channel A and Channel B to be consistently comparable, yet it seems channel A likes to wander.

I would post the data files or images, however I do not seem to able to add attachments via the add files button. Seems to be one of those day :(

Any help would be appreciated.
Square wave error.JPG
Error after returning to ground.PNG
Error after step change in input.PNG
Error after returning to ground.PNG

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