Looking for a different picoscope

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Looking for a different picoscope

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I am working with Picoscope 2408B. I have a small problem. I am using the function generator to do a frequency test. But the problem is I need a minimum of around 1.6V in the microcontroller. The max of Picoscope 2408B as you know is 2V. But for my test this goes through some other circuit loads and the value goes below the minimum of 1.6V and so the test doesn't work. So we have decided to buy a new frequency generator, something will similar specifications like 2408B but with a much higher amplitude for signal generator of like 5V or above. Which model would you recommend and could you also share the data sheet of that model. Thank You.

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Re: Looking for a different picoscope

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As far as I know none of them is above 2V.

Depending of hou you want to measure you have 2 options.
1. Use a DC amplifier search on amazon or aliexpress for OPA541 as in image below (this one needs + and - 15V to + and - 30V to operate correctly)
2. Use a external function generator search for JDS6600 on your favorite site (this one as max +/- 10V output so 20V top-top)


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