Trigger from scope in rapid block mode

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Trigger from scope in rapid block mode

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I'm using ps.ps2000aSetSigGenBuiltIn to set signal generator and ps.ps2000aGetValuesBulk to acquire data in rapid block mode. My goal is to collect 10 rapid acquisitions. The problem is that if I connect generator output to chA input, I only see the signal on first acquisition in rapid mode. The successive readings are empty. I assume the generator triggers scope only once and the successive readings are just noise. Is that possible to achieve that generator outputs at each acquisition in rapid block mode? I can see from PicoScope 6 windows app that it should be possible.

Here are my settings for signal gen:

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ps.ps2000aSetSigGenBuiltIn(chandle, offsetVoltage=1000000, pkToPk=1000000, waveType=ctypes.c_int16(4), startFrequency=50000, stopFrequency=50000, increment=0, dwellTime=0, sweepType=ctypes.c_int32(0), operation=0, shots=1, sweeps=0, triggerType=ctypes.c_int32(0), triggerSource=ctypes.c_int32(1), extInThreshold=1)
P.S. I use ps2000a and picosdk-python-wrappers on Linux

Thanks for helping.

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