9404-05 scope API

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9404-05 scope API

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I'm trying to drive a 9404-05 scope.

API is a little bit strange to me...
I found no SDK in download section.
Only a programmer guide, saying to connect to PicoSample4 (the scope GUI application).

So i tried to put PicoSample4.exe in reference in my program, and then i'll have to use the "ExecCommand(command string)" ONLY command of the API.

I can do that (not tested yet), BUT, it's totally not usable in professional environement.

I need to driver this scope in a big application for customers.
- I will have to provide PicoSample4.exe application (12MB) (where i just need some kind of PicoDLL).
- Worst, since there is no open/close, i have no function to setup the scope directly. I'll have to configure it in the PicoSample4 application first, and then calling ExecCommand, it will send data to the right scope ?

So i cannot give it a full integration to customer, they will have to open first your software to configure scope IP, then they can use it with our software ?

Your VNA have better API :(

Or am i missing something ?

Thanks in advance !


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