Picolog 6 Feature Request: Value formatting

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Picolog 6 Feature Request: Value formatting

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Picolog 6 is very useful and has a nice user interface, however I would like to see some improvements in the numeric display of channel values. The only option available is to change the number of decimal places shown and this is applied to all channels. I often want to display channels in different formats, some as integers (0 decimal places) and others with 3 decimal places.

Also, scientific notation is applied automatically above a certain value and is often annoying. For example, I would like to see 15000 displayed as an integer but scientific notation is enforced. Furthermore, the number of digits shown changes when switching to scientific notation. This is because 'decimal places' setting is applied badly to the scientific notation; 0 decimal places means only 1 digit is ever shown.

Could you please add a customisation option to each channel setup, allowing an override of the global 'decimal places' setting. Also an option to disable scientific notation, or at least set the number of significant digits shown in scientific notation.


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